Product technical parameter table X-2500E cleaning machine (HG-333-1)

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Technical parameter:

  1. maximum width:2500mm
  2. minimum glass specifications:400mm x 400mm (limited to the left and right sides of the single row placed into the film)
  3. glass thickness : 3mm-25mm (digital display)
  4. velocity range: glass thickness is less than V max=1-9m/min 3-19mm
  5. adjusting methods of main drive and brush speed: frequency control
  6. mesa height:900 + 30mm
  7. total power:23KW
  8. water source: self circulation, running water(in the standard of public water)
  9. power:50Hz 380V
  10. dimensions (length * width * height):  5400 * 2640 * 3600mm
  11. weight: about 3500Kg