CNC-automatic cutting machine-connection (HG-401)

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Automatic All-in-one CNC Shaped glass cutting table

Max loading weight : 500kg

Loading arms : 2or3

Thickness : 3-19mm

Max speed : 180 m/min

Precision : ±0.2mm

Power : 3Phase AC 220V ±10%,60Hz

Function : 

  1. Capable to cut any shaper of glass sheet.
  2. Laser scanning system.
  3. Belt transferring system.
  4. Laser scanner positioning system.
  5. Adopt ltaly OPTIMA CNC contron system
  6. Adopt OPTIMA optimization and cutting software to ensure the high working efficiency and long lifetime.
  7. Adopt two driver system to make sure the cutting bridgo more lighter and faster cutting speed.
  8. The use of PC with windows operating system is extremely simple and in